The existing Water Treatment Works (WTW) at Raithby had reached the end of its life and required a major refurbishment, including a new 15Ml/d iron and manganese removal system complete with disinfection and supply pumps for the production of potable water.

Anglian Water challenged the @one Alliance project team to construct a brand new works for the same embodied carbon and cost as a refurbishment of the existing treatment works, while delivering to current Anglian Water standards.

A primary focus on reducing embodied carbon encouraged design and management teams to radically rethink the way water treatment works are designed, built and operated. This generated creative ideas that not only saved carbon but also cut cost, reduced impact on customers, shortened construction time and lowered construction risk on-site.

Early involvement within the design and decision making process from a number of internal stakeholders resulted in significant changes to traditional designs being accepted. For example, initial concerns from Anglian Water operational teams of locating water treatment processes outside of buildings were discussed at length.

The teams accepted the business requirement to drive down cost and embodied carbon, and the benefit of a new treatment works to replace an ageing asset at Raithby, without any impact on health and safety. The project was successfully delivered for £5.8million and reduced carbon by 1,000 tonnes.